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Little Snitch v.4.3.2 installer OS X (app)

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Main category, Utilities
Sub category, Security
Developer, Objective Development Software GmbH
Filesize, 41779
Title, Little Snitch

vers.4.3.2.Little Snitch.dmg

I think the name just throught the OP off. I too thought "Little Snitch" was a shady name. Pretty catchy though.
For my existing users to continue getting updates/upgrades, I need to be able to afford to spend time on the product. I cannot spend enough time on the product if it does not make enough revenue. This means (among other things) making sure I lose as few people as possible through the funnel. This is the only reason I aggregate the data: for example, if I can see that 95% of users who complete task X go on to purchase, then I can try to ensure that more users complete task X without it being.
A firewall is a virtual door controlled by an application on your computer that lies between your computer and the internet. Based on your rules, and its assumptions it will allow and deny connections through that door. This helps keep unwanted network connections from entering your computer, or in some cases, leaving it.
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See at OBDev
I have and use Little Snitch. It is an important part of my professional toolkit.


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Key list

Frankly, I don't think Little Snitch is usable because of this. And no, a lookup tool is not good enough. For a paid program, I would expect them to maintain a list of the "required/acceptable" connections and "unnecessary" connections for popular programs, and automate the process of approval for each app.
OS X 10.5 Leopard
Release Notes
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Posted on Oct 1, 2017 10:39 AM
The commensurate amount of features needed to double pricing, or whatever the case may be, may not be supported by the market. After some point, there are diminishing returns: software does get "done" eventually and only a radical re-imagining can reinvigorate the customer base. But quite often, you will lose a substantial portion of the customer base because they like the old way of doing things.
Little Snitch lets you configure the firewall per application, not just address or port. Ie: you can configure it so one web browser can access a web site but not another.
Yeah, I ended up visiting the site from my Linux machine just to find out if there was some kind of browser sniffing thing at work. Nope, osx only.

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